Tech Quarterback transformed our confusing ARS situation into an clear, sustainable solution for  400+ participants at our Summer CME meeting.  He navigated and lead our organization and made it look easy (which I know was not).  He is our long term solution.  

~ Keri Holyoak,
Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants


Tech Quarterback was able to take what had been a very chaotic and challenging situation and make it nearly seamless for our organization.  We reduced the stress on our volunteer leaders and speakers tremendously through the very organized system that Tech Quarterback brought to our conference.  They not only integrated a great ARS system but aided us in educating both our speakers and attendees on the process.  We plan to have a long term relationship with Tech Quarterback!

~ Matthew Brunner,
Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants



Our company has worked with Tech QuarterBack for about 3 years.  Brian Paulsen is our go-to-guy for any ARS needs.  He’s become part of our office family.  I trust him 100% as he’s reliable, professional and always does a first-rate job. In my role as project manager, I know I can depend on him and he backs me up as a team member to produce a successful event.  Once he’s on-board I have certainty he’ll just run with the program and make it happen.  Our business relationship requires traveling to different cities and meeting exact time lines.  Brian has never let me down and always arrives where he’s supposed to be, on-time with all his equipment ready to go! We know we can depend on each other.  And he has a great sense of humor too which adds some fun in what can be stressful settings!

~ Peggy Hitchman,
Primary Care Education Consortium



I have had the good fortune to work with Brian Paulsen for the last five years as the
Co-conference chair of the Association Family Practice PAs. Initially, as a very frugal person, I thought that we could handle all of our needs from within. It was very clear to me immediately that Brian had more to offer then we could have considered. He is innovative, creative, and a stable, comfortable presence in what can at times be a chaotic environment. Despite our best efforts, our faculties don’t always submit their presentations in advance. I have seen Brian put into effect presentations five minutes prior to start time. Not only does he get them to promptly show up on the screen but commonly will make suggestions that make for a better presentation visually. If you haven’t met Brian, you are not likely aware of his amazing speaking voice. When he does announcements or speaker evaluations, participants are looking for where that voice is coming from. Our faculty love him.
In the past, we have had some social events where Brian took the lead and suggested some fun, entertaining activities. We will continue to use him in future conferences. I know that you wouldn’t be disappointed if he becomes part of your team.

~ Barbara Malat, PA-C




Tech Quarterback goes above and beyond to provide superior service. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

 ~ Carol, DMGCME



Tech Quarterback is a very professional company that exceeds expectations.   The audience response systems that they offer are a unique, fun, and useful tool for any conference.  The combination of this technology plus the knowledge and professionalism of the staff make every event easy and enjoyable.

~ Matt, Palmetto Sound Works



Tech Quarterback’s attention to detail and exceptional work ethic always results in top-quality service. They’re a great addition to our conferences and we look forward to working with them in the future.

~ Natasha, Georgia Association of Physician Assistants


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